2019 Traceability Seminar

The HDA 2019 Traceability Seminar brings together healthcare supply chain leaders to learn more about upcoming Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) implementation milestones, as well as innovative approaches and lessons learned as distributors, manufacturers and dispensers implement serialization and traceability technologies to further assure the safety and security of the healthcare supply chain.

Real-time visibility in the supply chain is a strategic area of innovation at rfxcel. rfxcel addresses the challenges involved in integrating an 'extreme visibility' platform in 60 days or less. rfxcel’s mission is to assure the quality and integrity of pharmaceuticals, across the supply chain, from manufacturer to dispenser. Thus, rfxcel helps our clients assure their regulatory compliance and patient safety, help protect their company brand and revenues while driving greater operational efficiencies.

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About rfxcel:
rfxcel is the leading provider of SaaS-based track and trace solutions. rfxcel exists to ensure that companies can protect patients and meet their compliance needs while providing deep insights and visibility across the supply chain. With over fifteen years of experience in software development for serialization and compliance, rfxcel is relentlessly committed to our customer’s success and continues innovation.